Our State of the art Cargo Terminal

  • A capacity of (600,000 ton/year) – 40,000 m2
  • Total temperature-controlled (15-250 C) – Floor Surface area 1939 m2 & Room Volume 10 ,868 m3
  • Total temperature-controlled (2-80 C) – Floor Surface area 12,789.5 m2 & Room Volume 99,502.25 m3
  • At ETCT-1 terminal total cold storage (up to -200C deep freezer room) – Floor Surface area 112.26 m2 & Room Volume 449 m3
  • It is one of an automatic guided material handling vehicle which is assembled from different types of electromechanical components2
  • It is designed to travel at two various elevations (vertical and horizontal elevations)
  • It is controlled by a programmable logic controller with the integration of an ICS (inventory control system) or for remotely controlled wireless technology used.
  • It is used to receive, transport and discharge cargo aircraft standardized pallets & containers at vertical and horizontal elevation to/from work station conveyors and storage racks.
  • Has two drive systems
  • The ETV and all components thereof are designed for a maximum load capacity of 6,800 kg.
  • 4 ETV machines exist at ETCT-2 facility (2 for dry cargo handling area & 2 for cold room area)
Outer dimension of the machine
DG-radioactive room
  • DG room 250 m2
  • Radioactive room 70 m2
Cool Dollies

Electric and Diesel Powered

Temperature can be regulated between -290C to +300C.

All of the insulated ULD carriers are for Lower Deck pallets.

Valuable Cargo Storage
  • Import - 127 m2
  • Export - 57m2
Live Animal Storage
  • Old terminal - 85 m2
  • New terminal -105 m2
Addis Ababa Bole International Airport
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