Our Vision 2035

In the backdrop of this fast growth in the last ten years, Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services is formulating a strategy of scaling up the fast, profitable and sustainable growth in line with the Ethiopian Aviation Group’s Vision 2035.

Vision 2025

Ethiopian Cargo will be one among the top 20 cargo airlines in the world in terms of FTK by providing safe, market driven and customer focused air cargo, courier and mail transport services by 2035.

  • To become one of the leading cargo airlines in the world by providing safe, reliable and fast cargo transport services, whose quality and price “Value Proposition” is always better than its competitors.
  • To ensure being a cargo airline of choice to its customers, employer of choice to its employees and an investment of choice to the Owners.
  • To support the economic development of Ethiopia and the countries it operates by fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and providing vital global air cargo connectivity.
  • To Specifically support Ethiopian Export Sector.


  • Annual Revenue of USD 2.97 Billion including belly hold cargo, [USD 2.37bill for dedicated freighter]
  • Annual total tonnage of 1.6 million including belly hold cargo, [1.3mill tons for dedicated freighter]
  • Serving 70 International Destinations
  • Earning annual profit of US$ 421 million from freighter operation.
  • Market Share in the Sub-Sahara African Cargo Market of 30%
  • Operating 24 Jet Aircraft by 2035.
  • Leader in Africa in Quality Cargo Services
  • Fully implement IATA e-freight by 2020
  • Achieve Cargo-IQ certification for major freighter stations by 2020.
  • Sensitizing the horti-growers & exporters to utilize the additional capacity to be availed.


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