Cargo Customer Satisfaction Survey
Ethiopian Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire-Transit Service
Dear Valued Customer

In our continuous effort to ensure the service we offer meets your requirement, We kindly request you to take a few minutes of your time and give us your opinion on the service you got from Ethiopian cargo & Logistics Services by completing this questionnaire.
Please put a mark in the circles for your replies.

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Transit Service

Why did you choose Ethiopian Airlines Cargo & Logistics Services? (Maximum three reasons)

Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied Not Applicable
How satisfied you were with the service given by Cargo Transit section?
How satisfied were you with the promptness & efficiency of the telephone/e-mail service?
How satisfied were you with the timeliness and accuracy of the information communicated?
How satisfied were you with the cargo uplifting as per the booking?
How satisfied were you with the proper handling of cargo document along with the shipment?
How satisfied were you with the initiative to suggest solution to irregularities and alert you about the solutions?
How do you rate the overall service rendered by Ethiopian Cargo Transit Handling section?
How satisfied you were with the consistency of the service?
How satisfied you were were the overall service?
Please list out some of the strengths or weaknesses you have observed so far from ET-Cargo and possible recommendations for improvement.