Group CEO Message

Message from Group Chief Executive Officer Ethiopian Airlines

ET Group CEO Message

Welcome to Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services!

It is a profound privilege for us to offer our esteemed customers an efficient global Cargo Service. As always, your cargo is in good hands!

Ethiopian is the largest cargo network operator in Africa and one of the major global cargo players, with annual cargo uplift of 400 tons, serving over 44 global freighter destinations in Africa, the Gulf, Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Europe with 12 dedicated freighters including 10 Boeing B777-200LRF and 2 - Boeing B737-800F from our main hub in Addis Ababa and Liege.

Currently, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services operates with the state-of-the -art cargo terminal that has a capacity of 1 million tons per annum and it will be the largest trans-shipment terminal in Africa. Of course, this is a capacity comparable to cargo terminals at Amsterdam Schiphol, Singapore Changi, Hong Kong, or Dubai.

Ethiopian, currently uses latest information systems; hence the entire cargo business process is automated with one of the best Cargo IT systems (Cargo Spot, Champ) with the aim of providing efficient air cargo services within, to and from Africa. Our Cargo Services is using latest technologies for data, information and market intelligence with 100% e-AWB from its main hub in Addis Ababa and 62.7% international e-AWB penetration while industry average is 68.0% per IATA e-AWB penetration report of December 2018. This move is part and parcel of the airline’s entire effort towards becoming a paperless industry by adopting the latest aviation systems and technologies.

In the strategic road map of Ethiopian - Vision 2025, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services envisions to be a full-fledged profit center with annual revenue of US$ 2 Billion, 19 dedicated aircraft, annual tonnage of 820,000, and 57 international destinations. While elapsing only nine years of our 15 years’ journey, we are able to serve 44 global destinations with a dedicated 12 freighter aircraft. With Vision 2035, we target to increase revenue to $2.87billion, and destination to 70 with 24 fleets.

Thank you for choosing the services of Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services!

Tewolde GebreMariam

Group Chief Executive Officer