Invitation for Tender

Aug 11, 2020, 07:39 AM

Ethiopian Airlines Group invites willing candidates to bid for representing Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services in the sales territory of Djibouti as its cargo General Sales & Services Agent (GSSA)

This invitation to tender seeks to obtain the most effective and efficient GSSA in the sales territory of Djibouti. In addition to the previously required qualitative data, the current market growth, changing market environment and dynamism of operation forced the use of tendering and affixing additional quantitative data.

Interested applicants can get the tender document from below ET area office address:

Contact person: Yoseph Belay (Mr)

Area Manager Djibouti,

Ethiopian Airlines, Angle Place 27 Juin et Ras Mekennen , Djibouti

 Phone: +25377463038/+251115174559

Email: YosephB@ethiopianairlines.com

Timing of the tender process:

Planned dates for the tender process are:

  • Deadline for the receipt of tender documents  10 Sep 2020
  • Contract award 15 Sep 2020
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