MFA Survey for Cargo Market Distribution & Promotion

We value your feedback & comments
This Survey will help us to monitor and improve the level of service we provide to our customers

It is our pleasure to serve you best. As part of our continuous process improvement on our services, we request a few minutes of your precious time to complete the below questionnaire on our service regarding cargo agency (GSA & CSA) management.   

We thank you for your time and appreciate your feedback! We take your feedback seriously and will be using it to improve our services!

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1 How satisfied are you with our GSA/GSSA/CSA/Corporate Partner appointing and agreement signing process ?
2 How do you rate the GSA/GSSA/CSA performance evaluation process ?
3 How do you rate our agreement renewal process?
4 How happy are you with the speed and efficiency of  our communication via  (e-mail,  telephone, postal & in person  ...) Specific to GSA/CSA administration section (GSA/CSA appointment, agreement renewal and performance evaluation)?
5 How do you rate your overall satisfaction of with our GSA/GSSA/CSA/Corporate Partner administration service ?

What do you feel we are doing good and we should keep it?


What do you feel we are not doing well which needs improvement as your service provider?

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