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Fleet NameB777-200F
Main DeckStandard config of 27 ULD positions with PMC or PAJ pallets. Options of 11 X 20ft pallet with 5 X 96"/88" pallets or 17 X 16ft pallets with 1 X 96" /88" pallets available. Option for 24 HMC ( Horse stall) available.
Fwd Hold6 PMC/PAJ or 18 AKE
Aft Hold4 PMC or PAJ or 14 AKE
Bulk HoldMax Capacity 4082 Kgs
Main Deck Door Size3.62m x 3.15m
Fwd Hold Door Size1.70m x 2.69m
Aft Hold Door Size1.70m x 2.69m
Cargo Tonnage103,000 Kgs with 630CBM
Max Permitted HeightBLR to MLR 118" ALR, PLR 116" R position 96" Lower deck 64"





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