Vision, Mission & Strategic Objectives

Vision 2025

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services will be one of the most competitive and leading Global Cargo Airlines by providing safe, market driven and customer focused cargo, courier and mail transport services by 2025.

  • To become the leading cargo airline in Africa by providing safe, reliable and fast cargo transport services whose quality and price “Value Proposition” is always better than its competitors.
  • To ensure being a cargo airline of choice to its customers, employer of choice to its employees and an investment of choice to the group.
  • To support the economic development of Ethiopia and the countries it operates by undertaking its Corporate Social Responsibilities and providing vital global air cargo connectivity.
  • As an airline, safety is our first priority,
  • Ethiopian is a high performance and learning organization with continuous improvements, innovation and knowledge-sharing. We accept change for the growth opportunity it brings and always seek for and apply the best ideas regardless of their source,
  • We recognize and reward employees for their performance and demonstrate integrity, respect to others, candor and team work, 
  • Act in an open fashion and be result-oriented, creative and innovative,
  • Adopt Zero tolerance to indifference, inefficiency and bureaucracy,
  • Encourage 360° free flow and sharing of information,
  • Treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated and always look for ways to make it easier for customers to do business with us,
  • We are an equal opportunity employer

Ever since the first cargo charter operation was launched to Nairobi in 1946 and the boom of agriculture export products out of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Cargo Services has been steadily growing since the early 1970s. Ethiopian Cargo is now one of the seven strategic business units of the Ethiopian Airlines Group and the largest cargo service provider in Africa.

Ethiopian Cargo is responsible for all Ethiopian Scheduled, Chartered/Leased and Extra Section cargo operations (sales and traffic handling activities, corporate agreements, pricing and other related issues)

Ethiopian Cargo provides consolidation, bonded and unbonded warehouse facilities for both incoming and outgoing cargo and trans-shipment to and from world markets. Handling of all paperwork and documentation, instant information on booking, flights, arrivals and delivery details, forwarding and routing throughout the Ethiopian network are also some of the services rendered by Ethiopian Cargo.

Quite simply, Ethiopian Cargo operation adds value by listening to its clients and providing efficient services that its customers have come to expect.

Based on the Vision 2025 the following are the strategic objectives set for Ethiopian Cargo for an eventual transformation to a full-fledged profit center.

  • Annual freight revenue of 2 billion USD
  • Annual total tonnage of 820,000.
  • Serving 37 International Freight Destinations.
  • Earning annual profit of US$ 200 million.
  • Operating 18 Jet Aircrafts.
  • Leader in Africa in Quality Cargo Services.
  • 100% eAWB by 2015.
  • Fully implement IATA e-freight by 2016 as per revised IATA deadline.
  • Achieve Cargo 2000 (C2K) certification by 2015
Our Vision