Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services delivers your perishable cargo to its destination fresh and on time. We are able to meet the special requirements of a wide variety of perishables. Whether you transport vegetables, seafood, chilled meat or flowers, our temperature-controlled facilities ensure that your perishable cargo arrives in optimal condition.

Why we are chosen?

  • Efficient and reliable service
  • Modern cold room facility at our hub in Addis Ababa
  • Adjustable temperature to suit all kind of perishable shipment
  • About 126 Modern and youngest fleet; including ten B777-200F and 2 B737-800F 
  • Our stretched network to 127 international destinations, including 57 freighter and more offline destinations
  • Dedicated and well trained staff to handle perishable shipments 

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services offer a remarkably high level of security when transporting valuable items such as gold, banknotes, precious art pieces and jewelers.

Why we are chosen?

  • Dedicated private room at our hub
  • Secured containers and high security escort to your valuable cargo
  • Priority handling and Guaranteed capacity

Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services provides high quality air freight service for your live animal around the world. Rely on our service to ensure the welfare of your Live animals.

Why we are chosen?

  • Temperature controlled warehouse
  • Proper feeding and care
  • Handle and transport per IATA Live Animal regulation
  • Live Animal room at our hub in Addis Ababa
  • Meet all local government health, convention on international trade endangered of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
  • Dedicated and Trained staff to handle Live Animal
  • Provide safe, tender and professional care at all times both on scheduled and charter flights

Travelling with Pets Guideline

Pursuant to our discussion at the embassy, here below is a short guide line for all travellers who are planning Pets as Cargo or Excess baggage or Cabin over all.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. What is the policy to transport Pets with Ethiopian Airlines?
    • Pets (cats and dogs) as defined in current passenger tariffs. when in a container and accompanied by a passenger or shipped as Cargo, may be carried in cabin or baggage compartment.
    • Ethiopian accepts Dog or Cat into the cabin with limited number per compartment (2 in Economy class  and 1 in  business class) with a box measuring dimensions not more than 55X40X20cms and does not exceed 8kgs including transport container.
    • Dog or Cat contained in boxes larger than 55X40X20cms dimension, shall not be accepted in cabin and therefore shall be loaded in belly.
    • Ethiopian accepts Dog or Cat as excess baggage to be for transport via Passenger Terminal if the dog and its kennel in gross weight is less than 32 kg.
    • In the event where the Pet qualifies for transport inside the cabin or as Excess baggage, please contact nearest ticket office or Passenger Sales office with the below
    • PET that is more than 32 KG shall be transported as cargo per cargo procedure
  2. What are the documents required to transport Pets from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to the World?
    • Veterinary certificate must be solicited from Ministry of Ethiopian Agriculture.
    • Health Certificate
    • Export Permit
    • Import Permit or Passport
    • Tracker ID : optional
  3. How should I request a booking from Ethiopian Airlines for Pet travelling as Cargo?
    • Proper Pet Cage is required for pet transport and Shipper must provide the pets accordingly.
    • Advance Booking must be reserved with our Cargo booking team with the below address at least 3 days earlier from intended Travel date.
    • Please make sure to provide the above mentioned scanned documents up on booking request.
    •  Reservation request must be done via email with the below address Click here to get booking standards.


      CC : CargoSales>

    • Any amendment, (Cancellation or change of date) must be requested via Email to our booking office before 24 hours of departure with the above mentioned address.
  4. How Does Ethiopian Airlines Charges Pets transported as Cargo?
    • Ethiopian Airlines Charges basing chargeable weight which is either Volumetric weight calculated from Cage dimensions or Gross weight whichever is higher will be taken to bill and provide you the invoice;

      Example: Dog weight = 15kg kennel weight 35 kg = Gross weight in this case = 50 kg

      Volumetric weight = Kennel dimensions:  121 * 62 * 87 CM/6000 = 108.7 kg

      In this case:  Volumetric weight will be taken to charge the invoice bill

    • Rate will be in per Kg basis and will be quoted from Cargo sales office with the below address:

      CargoSales or CALL : 011 5 17 7311/4520/4525

    • Rate will be as per the below Per each flight and Airway bill to be booked.
  5. How Does Ethiopian Airlines Cargo charge for Pets travelling as Cargo?
    • Payment will be with Ethiopian Birr per the official date exchange rate set by Ethiopian Commercial Bank.
    • To keep the convenience of your pet, you can come 01 day before departure at Cargo terminal along with the pets with cages and finalize formalities and payment return back 03 hours before departure to deliver them for transportation at Cargo Terminal: Below Direction for Cargo terminal Addis Ababa:

Our trained, certified and highly dedicated cargo handling team ensures the highest safety standards at all stage of transporting your dangerous good shipments. All handling procedures are fully compliant with IATA dangerous goods regulation, safety standards and local regulations.

Note the following points before shipping dangerous goods:

  • Fully comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations when transporting restricted goods. 
  • Ensure that the articles or substances are not prohibited for transportation by air.
  • Articles or substances are properly identified, classified, packed, marked, labelled, documented and be in the condition for transport in accordance with IATA dangerous goods regulation.  
    • Complete a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods as required and air waybill for each consignment of dangerous goods.
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