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Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services, Africa’s largest cargo operator, is pleased to serve your needs by safely transporting your shipment throughout our vast Cargo network.

Here we are providing personalized responses to the queries you might have and you can also reach us using the below links.

  • Contact us/FAQs: we rely on your priceless feedback, compliments and suggestion enabling us to improve our services to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Worldwide offices: contact us at the base of our operation worldwide for any Cargo related requests such as booking, freight charge, schedule change, cancellation, refund etc.
  • Conditions of carriage: binding rules and regulations embedded in a carrier’s contract of carriage that is applicable to all shippers. These conditions cover the obligations and rights of the carrier and the shipper from the point of reservation of a cargo-space to the claims procedure as well as compensation payable in case of damage and/or loss of consignment.

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